Collection: Double Ended Dildos

Double the fun, double the pleasure! Our collection of double-ended dildos is sure to take your solo or partner play to the next level. Try a flexible option for more versatility, or go for a firmer feel for deeper penetration.  Share with a partner for some hot and steamy action, or use both ends for a satisfying solo experience. Upgrade your toy collection and double up on the fun with our double-ended dildos!

Double Dongs - What's the Deal?

Double-ended dildos are super sexy and playful toys that can be used to enhance playtime for everyone! They can be used in solo play for both vaginal and anal penetration. They can also be used by 2 people of the same or opposite sex in couples play. Some double ended dongs also have one end more tapered and slimmer than the other which is more suited for anal play, while the other end has more of a bulbed head for vaginal penetration.