Collection: Jewelled Butt Plugs

Anal play with a sparkle! Jewelled butt plugs are an alluring way to beautify ass-play.  With plenty of colour options to choose from and different sizes - we have something for everyone with our selection of jewelled butt plugs from beginners to advanced. 

Add some glamour to your ass play today and sparkle your way to your best Ohhhhmy!Gasm.

Why Choose a Jewelled Butt Plug?

Jewelled butt plugs add a touch of elegance and glamour to anal play. These fun toys are all about feeling sexy and classy while getting maximum pleasure. The metal jewelled butt plugs are smooth to touch and glide in perfectly with a touch of lubricant, and the jewel will sit nicely in your anus once properly inserted, giving you a really beautiful butt. The cool smoothness and weight of these gorgeous looking butt plugs give those nerve endings a fantastic treat. For these reasons, a jewelled butt plug makes the perfect bedroom gift for your significant other.

Jewelled butt plugs come in 3 different sizes; small, medium and large, depending on your personal size preference. Ribbed options are also available which can provide a similar sensation to anal beads.

If it's temperature play you're in to, a metal jewelled butt plug is a good choice - heat it up or cool it down using water - just be careful not to go too extreme to avoid injury.

The soft silicone jewelled butt plugs are also a great choice to tantalize all those nerve endings - the difference is really just about texture preferences.

All jewelled butt plugs come with a flared base for safety.

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