Collection: Fur Tail Butt Plugs

Swish. Swish. Swish! Unleash your inner animal with our collection of furry, animal tail butt plugs! From fox tail butt plugs to bunny and panther tails, we have a great range of toys to suit your fantasy in an array of sizes and colours.   


Animal Tail Butt Plug Play

Whether you are a furry, are in to pet play, or simply want to add a bit of kink to your sex life, animal tail butt plugs are the perfect option!

Dress up and become a playboy bunny with a cute surprise, or be a sexy, ferocious fox who's hard to tame. Whatever your animal fantasy, a tail butt plug is a toy you don't want to go without!

Faux Fur Tail Butt Plugs - FAQs

Why Use a Fur Tail Butt Plug?

Many people like to spice up their sex life by role playing as a cute animal like a rabbit or something a bit more foxy. A faux fur butt plug takes animal role play to the next level providing extra sensations - feel the swish of the fur against your legs while the metal plug provides additional stimulation in all the right places.

Are Fur Tail Butt Plugs Safe?

Fur butt plugs are safe to use - just remember to always choose one with a flared base (all butt plugs at OhMy!Gasm have flared bases), use plenty of lube and insert with care.

How To Clean a Fur Tail Butt Plug

Use a clean, damp cloth or baby wipes to gently wipe down the faux fur tail, Hang the tail to air dry naturally.

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