Collection: Anal Beads

We have a fun selection of anal beads to choose from, ranging from small and beginner-friendly to large and advanced. With different shapes and sizes, you can experiment with different sensations and find what works best for you!

Why Use Anal Beads?

The anus is a wonderful source of sexual pleasure for both men and women and anal beads are a fun way to tap into all that intense goodness that lies within.

Unlike butt plugs, which increase pleasure through giving a feeling of pressure and fullness, the magic of anal beads lies with movement.

When anal beads are pulled out, they get the attention of all the lovely nerve endings that surround the sphincter muscle which is incredibly sexually satisfying.

Anal beads come with a handy loop so you can easily pull or push depending on how hard or fast you like it. But, most importantly, it stops them from getting lost up the anal passage, so remember to hold on tight!!!

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